BioBlocks Inventory Sales Program

For a limited time, BioBlocks is offering deeply discounted kits using the Build Your Kit, or BYK toolset, enabling our customers to assemble a custom selection of favorite building blocks from our inventory of over 1,000 compounds. Kits will be shipped overnight upon receipt of valid orders (for 150 and 500 kit orders, allow only 1 extra day)

Search our entire building blocks collection by structure

These kits may allow you to replenish low stock, or allow for expansion of your scaffold, building block and fragment libraries by offering our best pricing ever on inventory compounds, most of which are available for immediate delivery only by BioBlocks.

The following Building Blocks Kits include 1 gram of each compound of your selection:

Kit Size (# of products) Estimated List Price Discount Level Proposed Kit Price
500 $101,500 53% $48,000
150 $30,450 51% $15,000
50 $10,150 51% $5,000
15 $3,045 47% $1,600

All chemotypes have precedented utility in drug discovery ranging from intermediates for drug discovery to surrogate amino acids in peptido-mimetics. Synthetic and drug discovery utilities are illustrated in a series of newsletters can be accessed on the BioBlocks website in the downloads section.

For further information, write us at, or call Customer Service at 858-558-5900.

Example Chemotypes Currently Offered
Diverse chemotypes include a comprehensive collection of quinolines, beta amino acids, a diverse group of well functionalized heterocycles, kinase-targeted amines, natural product-derived scaffolds, among others, as illustrated by select structures below.
Quinolines Beta-Amino Acids
and Derivatives
Benzylpiperidines Kinase Targeted
Heterocycles Thiadiazoles Cyclopropyl
Phenyl Acids
and Derivatives
Bode Chemistry Anthranilamides Triazoles Phenyl Aziridines