Are you looking for your leads in the right place?


Have you heard the story about the person who was searching for his keys under the streetlight rather than in the place where he dropped them?

What leads to better candidates

After 10 years of developing leads for clients at BioBlocks, we have identified a combination of factors that can light the way to substantially better candidates for preclinical optimization:

  • High quality chemical matter
  • Robust and versatile chemistry
  • Structural information 
  • Carefully chosen reagent sets

The Leap-to-Lead™ platform


Tools for property based optimization


Comprehensive Fragment Library

BioBlocks' proprietary next generation 3D fragment library



Reaction-based access to currently synthesizable compounds

Enhancing drug discovery

We developed this platform to address common problems and assist you in advancing your drug discovery program. 





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Better Screening Hits

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Fragment Screen

Leap-to-Lead™ in action

Application of the platform to a recent drug discovery project has produced lead compounds with substantially better properties.