Are you looking for your leads in the right place?


Have you heard the story about the person who was searching for his keys under the streetlight rather than in the place where he dropped them?

What leads to better candidates

After 10 years of developing leads for clients at BioBlocks, we have identified a combination of factors that can light the way to substantially better candidates for preclinical optimization:

  • High quality chemical matter
  • Robust and versatile chemistry
  • Structural information 
  • Carefully chosen reagent sets 

We developed the Leap-to-Leadâ„¢ platform to combine these factors to assist you in advancing your drug discovery program. 

What you can accomplish with Leap-to-Leadâ„¢

FBLD: Fragment-based lead discovery

  • Find Leads with high ligand efficiency and low molecular weight
  • Systematically explore SAR through data-driven rapid analoging
  • Gain a head start on property-driven lead optimization

CFL: A proprietary next generation 3D fragment library

  • Break out of the 2D world with new chemical matter
  • Choose from thousands of related virtual alternatives for each fragment hit
  • Gain a head start on hit to lead and IP

Syntheverse: Improved access to currently synthesizable compounds

  • Practice the art of the possible: discover your lead in the synthetically accessible universe of compounds
  • Revisit your patent strategy by replacing common building blocks with new sizes and shapes
  • Leap beyond the ordinary limits of imagination to optimize your lead 

The three components of our platform can be used individually or can be easily integrated for complex projects.

How it all works together