Leap-to-Lead Partnerships Description

BioBlocks is excited to announce the launch of the Leap-to-Lead™ technology platform, which is available through partnership. The Leap-to-Lead™ platform radically improves lead generation and optimization, and can begin immediately with a screen of our Comprehensive Fragment Library (CFL) to find high-quality initial hits. Those or previous hits are converted to proprietary leads through our analog-generating Syntheverse™ technology.

As a Leap-to-Lead™ partner, you can: 

  • Gain high-quality active leads with novel IP for IND-enabling studies

  • Start screening right away with our CFL plates and your assay

  • Enter the lead optimization phase from existing candidates or fragment hits

  • Leverage our 16 successful years of experience as a medicinal chemistry research organization

BioBlocks can initiate partnerships with companies worldwide, at any stage of the drug discovery process. Contact us now to meet with our team, and find out how  Leap-to-Lead™ can help you.


For more information about partnering opportunities with BioBlocks, please fill in the form below with your information or call us at 858-558-5900.   


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