Comprehensive Fragment library (CFL)

A Proprietary Next Generation Fragment Library

The Comprehensive Fragment Library (CFL) is a set of small, low flexibility, medicinally interesting fragments. This library originates from a starting set of >3 million potentially synthesizable virtual fragments designed from first principles to maximize exploration of target interactions. Extensive 3D clustering analysis allows broad coverage of chemistry space and provides an immediate follow-up strategy from any screening hit.

New Chemical Matter

Our experience suggests that there is an enormous amount of new chemical matter still available for drug discovery, however it is available primarily by fragment methods. Novel fragments are perfectly situated to develop unique, patentable molecules. By controlling fragment properties from the beginning, better quality preclinical leads can be developed with greater chances for clinical success.

 Enhanced Fragment Screening with the CFL


  • Novel starting points with underexplored 3-D shapes for FBLD

  • Designed using our team’s deep medicinal chemistry expertise to meet very strict property criteria

  • Enables access to ~ 3 million high value fragments with less than 19 heavy atoms

  • Diverse collection of rigid, low molecular weight fragments designed from first principles

  • Even commercial hits give access to novel, 3D structures

  • Fragment evolution cycles facilitated by searching BioBlocks’ proprietary Syntheverse™ platform enables the rapid identification of a set of diverse but closely related analogs